Clarinet Lamp

I found this unusual clarinet at an antique store and wanted to play it very badly (that’s the only way I know how to play clarinet).  It is a different style of clarinet (Albert System) than you see today (Boehm System) and is played different than normal clarinets.

It’s around 100 years old and had beautiful tone quality.  The problem with it is it can only be played for a couple minutes before it has to be put down.  Unfortunately I fear the previous owner liked to eat raw garlic.  I also fear he died after eating some garlic with the clarinet in his mouth and was not found for some time.  When a clarinet is played it becomes moist on the inside from the breath of the person playing it.  When that happened this clarinet gave off a horrible odor that I can only describe as a very strong mix of garlic and death. I tried soaking it in soaps, oxidizers, bleach and other solutions but nothing helped.

Now that it has been sealed in a few coats of shellac and painted it doesn’t smell at all.  I hope it never gets wet!



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